Aerospace Tapes

Flame Retardant Cargo Pit Tapes

VIP # 128P, is a flame retardant, printed polyethylene cloth tape which meets FAA 25.853 b. Our adhesive is the best flame retardant adhesive there is, it sticks well to all types of liners, under all types of conditions. The tape itself is printed with product identification and FAR 25.853b specifications every few inches. Permacel Equivalent -P621

VIP # 855 FR. This product incorporates a fiberglass fabric, laminated with flame retardant printed polyethylene backing to meet FAR 25.855. The printed polyethylene backing serves both of our cargo pit tapes in two major ways: It allows for a self wound tape (no peel away liner) that has very strong adhesive, and identifies the product and conformance to specifications while in use. Permacel Equivalent -P621

Flame Retardant Carpet Tapes

VIP # FR 4000. There is no better quality double sided tape available anywhere, for holding down carpets on airplanes. Our product meets FAR 25.853, Boeing BMS 5- I33C. Douglas DMS-1971, and out performs all other products of its type. Available in Black or White. Available with either paper or polyethylene release liner. Permacel Equivalent -P55

Aluminum Foil Tapes

VIP # 425E, meets MIL-T-23397B. This tape is primarily used for masking windows during aircraft painting. and will replace 3M 425 in any usage at half the cost. Also available with release liner to replace 3M # 427.Permacel Equivalent- P-11. Our Aluminum Foil Tapes are available in a variety of thicknesses. with and without release liners.

Fiber Glass Cloth Tapes

VIP # 9292 made with a woven fiberglass fabric and pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. 7 mils thick, will withstand 180º C, and meets FAR 25.855. Also available with acrylic or rubber adhesive. Permacel Equivalent P 821 and P 212

Anti Abrasion Tape

VIP # 814 (14 mil),- #809 (9 mil) Polyurethane film offers high abrasion resistance. conformability and strength. Meets FAR 25.853b. Will replace 3M # 8561. Offers excellent abrasion and wear protection for critical areas like electrical wires and fluid hoses that are subject to potential abrasion.

Flash Breaking High Temperature Plastic Tapes

High temperature plastic films. Teflon. Kapton, Nylon, Polyester with various adhesives. Silicone, cured rubber (for high temperature resistance without silicone), acrylic and rubber. These tapes are used for flash breaking and masking at extreme temperatures. We are a stockintg converter of all Permacel Teflons and films, available at very competitive pricing.

Please ask us about any of your other tape requirements, paper masking, protective films and papers, vinyl tapes, teflon, ect.